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FOI(2010) 6 Coverage of information
Minimum coverage
FOI(2010) 7Draft legal instruments
According to Article 1 of the Law on the Publication Procedure of Projects of Laws and Regulations (2009), it is required to publish legal drafts and legal instruments on the internet.
FOI(2010) 8Enacted legal instruments
According to Article 1 of the Law on Creation of Official Bulletin (1980), it is required to publish in the Arabic language, as well as the official translation to foreign languages, the text of laws, debates of the house of representatives, certain acts, international agreements as well as any decision or documents as required by law or the regulations in place.
FOI(2010) 9Annual budgets
According to Article 1 of the Law on Creation of Official Bulletin (1980), it is required that the annual budget law, voted for as the annual finance law by the House of Representatives and the House of Counselors, be published as soon as it passes both houses.
Article 1 of the Law on Public Finance (2000) defines the role of the finance act and describes it as providing, assessing, and stating all revenues and expenditures of the State, all of which should be published in the Official Bulletin annually.
FOI(2010) 10Annual chart of accounts (actual expenditures)
Articles 2 , 16, 25 and 100 of the Law on Audit Courts (2002) introduces reporting requirements to ensure and supervise the execution of public finance, collect financial information from public institutions and organize it as an archive. Public organizations, localities, publicly owned organs are required to have a public accountant; the latter is required to report annually all expenditures budgets and other financial information to the audit court. In its annual chart of accounts the court summarizes the activities of different State bodies makes its observations and suggestions, reports and synthesizes other government bodies comments presents it to the King at the end of the following fiscal year and publish it in the Official Bulletin.
FOI(2010) 11Annual reports of public entities and programs
According to Article 25 of the Law on Audit Courts (2002), each state body or state owned organ needs to have a public accountant, who is required to report all financial activities annually. According to Article 16, the court organizes those documents as archives.
Article 26 of the Law on Audit Courts (2002) defines the obligation to State bodies, and public Service entities to report quarterly to the court, all evidence documents of incomes and expenses.