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Data Analysis
Data Analysis is a customized tool for managing, analyzing, visualizing and extracting actionable governance indicators. The Data Analysis feature allows users to select a preferred number of indicators by countries, income levels, regions and governance topics as well as provides users with an option to construct their own data display (e.g., charts, tables).The Data Analysis application enables users to update results and change the structure of the tables and charts in the results area by rearranging the order of the dimensions in the Control Bar. Using dimension boxes, users can select any set of countries, range of years and set of indicators (filtered by region or income group). Users can choose from multiple chart types, add data labels, and visualize a subset of results in the chart by selecting a range of cells from the table. A table can easily be rotated, highlighted or filtered by specific conditions and criteria, performing calculations upon rows and columns. Users can save, print, or export all data, charts and tables to Word/Excel/PDF formats.
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Please note: High income OECD & nonOECD countries are excluded from region country lists as per World Bank Income & Regional Classifications